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Our company

As a fashion agency, EastExpert has been representing major international manufacturers in the Russian market and in the CIS states for more than 20 years.

Our comprehensive brand portfolio comprises well-known German, Italian and other European suppliers. Our clients include boutiques, department stores, retail stores and mono-brand shops in Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and other CIS states.

As part of our professional client service, our multilingual staff in Moscow and in our Nuremberg office carries out a comprehensive range of tasks related to the sale and export of our international collections. Consultations at trade fairs and at our own showrooms in Moscow, as well as the organisation of sales trainings, are just some of the services we provide.

Our objective is the long-term further development of our collections in the Eastern European market, and the support and facilitation of partnerships between supplier–EastExpert–client.